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our process

O R D E R I N G   P R O C E S S

We are proud to offer 19 color and 17 size options (and growing!) of our beautiful handmade papers. Because stocking large quantities of so many colors and sizes would be unmanageable for our small operation, we process orders on a weekly basis. Our cut-off for orders is 2pm US Central time on Friday afternoons, and handmade paper orders from our online retail shop will be made and shipped by the following Friday. (In the case that we have received more orders than we are able to process in one week, a banner on our website will announce that the ship date will be the Friday after.) Wholesale orders, because they involve larger quantities and/or letterpress services, will ship within two to three Fridays of the order cut-off.



O U R   C R E A T I V E   P R O C E S S

Our paper-making process includes seven-steps:


1. Cut and weigh cotton and abaca fibers

2. Process fibers into pulp in our Hollander beater

3. Dye pulp with botanical dyestuffs

4. Pull paper sheets from paper vat with mould and deckle

5. Press sheets on our hydraulic press

6. Hang sheets to dry

7. Remove paper from drying sheets and sort


And our letterpress process is five steps:

1. Have plate made from digital files

2. Set-up plate on press

3. Add ink to press

4. Print on handmade paper

5. Quality check prints


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